Our Story

The Widespread Hope Foundation’s (WHF) mission is to empower underserved communities through musical education and inspiration. After being the driver of a fatal car accident with a dear friend, Tucker Lyons started WHF in order to dedicate his life to service and spread Hope through music.

Music connects all of us, transcending across race, age, gender, and culture. Music makes the best days better, and the worst days surmountable. Life is truly better with music playing in the background. Our goal is to enable as many people to benefit from the sensation of music as possible. We’ve partnered with SAFE Alternative to understand how music can have the most impact on underserved communities. Once we fine tune our model, we’ll look to scale to other organizations and allow leaders in the communities to apply for grants.

Stay tuned for specific fundraisers and events to come. Until then, you can help by joining us or donating here in supporting our mission.

Our Partners